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My interest in becoming a lay missioner with Maryknoll has probably been germinating from the time I was a child.  Being the youngest of seven children raised in a traditional  Catholic family in Washington, DC, I was influenced early on by my parents, siblings, teachers, sisters, priests, and friends.  As I grew up and left home for college, my eyes were open to the world as I met people from other parts of the country and of different faiths.  My life was greatly impacted at that point by the deaths of both my parents.  I moved on to medical school and pediatric residency training at the Medical College of Virginia and began to discover my vocation as a doctor caring for underserved populations of children.  This led me to search for challenging job opportunities both in the US and abroad as well as avenues to further deepen my spiritual life.  It also led me through great struggles personally and emotionally as I searched for the meaning of God’s presence in my life. Through a great deal of personal work and help from others, my life view was broadened and my self-understanding deepened.  I eventually married my wife Becky when I was 36 years old.  She joined me in a common journey of following God’s path to help underserved children.  This journey led us to Uganda where we came face-to-face with the devastation of HIV/AIDS and learned a great deal about living as a couple faithful to our calling and to each other.  We returned to the US in 2000 where we have been blessed with 2 beautiful children (Joshua and Celia).  They have taught us a whole new way of loving and caring as a family.  We are now ready to continue our journey of faith which we see as a calling to serve in a developing country with a Christian organization.  We believe our children will benefit from the experience and we know God will continue to smile on us in our work.