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   At last, we get to move abroad with our whole family.  This is a dream come true for me.  When Joe and I lived in Uganda without kids, I always dreamt of someday having children and then moving overseas again to serve as a family.  Ever since we moved back to the States, we have talked about moving abroad again, we just needed to wait until it was the right time for our family. Now is the time.  

  I can think of no better way to live overseas than to be missioners with Maryknoll.  When Joe and I lived in Uganda, we found life very challenging.  Living daily amongst extreme poverty, illness, and death, challenged us on all levels, particularly our faith.  We searched and searched for a faith community and finally found the Jesuit community in Kampala. They helped and supported us wonderfully, yet, the community was made up of clergy and we yearned for a community of lay people. Joe and I knew that if we moved abroad again, we would need to go with a faith based organization.  As a family, we knew we needed to go with an organization with specific experience with families so we could be supported in the particular ways that families need support.  Living abroad as a couple is one thing, living abroad as a family with two small children adds immeasurably to the issues involved with keeping us safe, healthy, happy, and helpful.  We feel very blessed to be part of the Maryknoll community of lay missioners.

  At our last mass at our parish in Seattle before heading out on this adventure, our pastor mentioned us in his homily.  He stated that what we are doing really makes no sense in terms of finances, securing our children’s future in school, or for job security, yet when viewed in light of faith, it makes all the sense in the world.  I love that he recognized that.  Although many of our friends and family are a bit confounded by our decision to move our children to a developing country, for us, it just feels right.  I feel called by God to serve others and I know that She will look out for us.  I feel God’s presence in the small moments of my life-when I watch my son sleep, when I’m tickling my daughter, when I breath the morning air, or when I lay next to my sleeping husband and know that I have been deeply blessed.  God has blessed us immeasurably and in a way that allows us to take this leap of faith and know that all will be well. I can not wait to feels God’s presence in Venezuela-in the market where we will buy our vegetables, on the dirt roads where our children will play new games and speak Spanish with their buddies, and in the laughter of women who will be my friends.  This adventure will not be easy, but it will be a journey of faith that will teach us much about each other and about the world around us.  Please pray for us and send “good vibes” our way:-)