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I'm 4 years old.  I was born on November 22, 2002 on the living room floor of our home in Seattle.  My daddy was pretty nervous being outside of a hospital, but, mom felt more comfortable at home.  I weighed 10 pounds 4 ounces and have been throwing my weight around ever since.  I love people and love to smile, but, watch out if I don't get my way!  I make my mom and dad laugh all the time for my love of life.  I had no idea what was going on before when people were talking about moving to different countries like New York.  But, as long as I can find a playground with a swing and plenty of other kids to tell what to do, I'll be OK.  I loved living in Bethany House in Ossining, NY for our orientation.  I had lots of friends to play with of all ages.  I spent the days in daycare while mom and dad were in class and enjoyed playing with the other kids.  I also learned some Spanish.  I did break my foot and was in a pink cast for 3 weeks.  My dad carried me around a lot.  Now I'm OK again and looking forward to teaching my mom and dad how to speak Spanish.  

When we first moved to Cochabamba, we lived with a Bolivian family called “the Palominos”.  Chi-Chi and Lionel are like my surrogate grandparents.  I loved eating meals with them and entertaining them with my newly acquired Spanish.  I miss them now that we moved on to our own home, but, we are not living too far away in Chilimarca. My favorite thing about Bolivia is that there are always tiendas selling candy on every corner.  My least favorite thing is that I don’t always get all the candy I think I need.

 Please write to me and come down to visit.  I'll teach you Spanish, too and hope my mom and dad can teach me English.