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Home in Seattle.

Becky finishes the Danskin Triathalon. Aug, 2009

Joe climbs Mt Defiance outside of Seattle. Aug, 2009

Relaxing with our neighborhood friends on Whidbey Island. Aug, 2009

Visiting Byron and Deanna's farm in Virginia. June, 2009

Sherman family reunion in Wrightsville Beach, NC. June, 2009

Mission Integration Program at Maryknoll in Ossining, NY. May, 2009

Final fairwell to Bolivia at the airport. April, 2009.

Our co-workers at MAP say goodbye. April, 2009.

The teachers at the school say goodbye. April, 2009.

Celia's class says goodbye. April, 2009.

Josh says goodbye to his buddies Marcos and Orlando. April, 2009.

Celia says goodbye to her "boyfriend" Santiago at the airport. April, 2009.

Dying Easter eggs for the last time in Bolivia. April, 2009.

Winslow and Sarah Gerrish visiting from Seattle and exploring the mines with us in Potosi. March, 2009.

Exploring the mines of Potosi. March, 2009.

Applying flouride varnish in the pre-school. March, 2009.

Celia helping keep kids busy during community well child visits. March, 2009

Bolivians go to the polls to approve a new constitution which will change the future of the country. Jan, 2009

Our friend Juan Carlos shows his dyed finger after casting his vote. Jan, 2009

Josh heads down to the local school to watch the voting, passing a building covered with pro-Evo graffiti. Jan, 2009

Joe discusses nutrition with a family during a mobile clinic day in the neighboring barrio. Jan, 2009

Celia helps out with the mobile clinic. Jan, 2009

Sunset at the Atacama salt flats in Chile. Jan, 2009

Enjoying the Pacific coast of Chile. Jan, 2009

Josh and Celia with their grandparents on the coast of Chile. Jan, 2009

Visiting the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. Jan, 2009.

Sherman family at Christmas 2008.

Celia's graduation from Kindergarten. December, 2008.

Becky's 40th birthday. December, 2008.

Becky's 40th birthday. December, 2008.

Josh dancing at school on the last day of school. December, 2008.

Horseback riding in "Las Yungas". November, 2008.

Horseback riding in "Las Yungas". November, 2008.

Ciara Lynch visits from Canada for a pediatric rotation. November, 2008.

Aunt Laurie visits from Seattle. October, 2008.

Family visit to Toro Toro National Park. Oct, 2008.

Josh and Celia walking in fossilized dinosaur footprints in Toro Toro National Park. Oct, 2008.

Josh and Celia about to enter the caverns with our Bolivian guide at Toro Toro National Park. Oct, 2008.

Josh and Celia in the caverns of Toro Toro National Park. Oct, 2008.

Josh and Celia playing in the river in the mountains above our home. September, 2008.

Josh in traditional clothing for "Theater Day" at school. September, 2008.

Celia and Josh marching in the Tiquipaya town parade, September, 2008.

Children in the community drawing pictures of the beetle which transmits Chagas Disease.

Children in the community drawing pictures of how Chagas Disease is transmitted.

Recall referendum. August, 2008

Bolivians voting in the recall referendum. August, 2008

Our friends Teo and Ariel showing their dyed fingers after voting in the recall referendum. August, 2008

Our friend Emilio voting in the recall referendum. August, 2008

Becky's family. July, 2008

Becky's father, Fritz, celebrating his 70th birthday with all his grandchildren. July, 2008

Two Aymara women who started a women's cooperative to sell handmaid crafts overseas.

Qechua woman living in the "campo" (countryside).

Community support group of mostly single moms dancing together at a school festival.

Becky giving the traditional first haircut to Germancito, our neighbor's first child.

Playing marbles in the back yard.

Juan Carlos, my Bolivian colleague.

Joe and University of Minnesota peds residents Heather and Kirsten applying fluoride varnish in the school. April, 2008.

Josh and his class after dancing at Dia del Padre fiesta. April, 2008.

Becky and Josh at Dia del Padre celebration. April, 2008.

Becky with her sister-in-law Janet relaxing by the river during a visit.
April, 2008

Josh and Cecelia walking down the road in Chilimarca with their cousins Ethan and Elliott. April, 2008

Cousins waiting for the bus in Chilimarca. April, 2008.

Cousins playing in the river in Chilimarca.
April, 2008.

Joe helping out on community work day at the school. February, 2008.

Joe's niece Elizabeth visits. March, 2008.

Good Friday "Way of the Cross" through our neighborhood. March, 2008.

Josh and Celia going to soccer school together. Januray, 2008.

Visiting Iguazu Falls in Argentina with Becky's parents and sister Laurie. January, 2008.

Enjoying a trip to Bariloche, Argentina. January, 2008

On vacation in Bariloche, Argentina. January, 2008

Our neighbors, German and Dora celebrating with their family after blessing their new home.

Joe helping to bless the the 4 corners of  our neighbor's new home with incense, beer, and Coca-Cola.

Christmas 2007

Crowd of women and children waiting for Christmas toys to be handed out to their children at MAP in Chilimarca. December, 2007.

Road crew of indigenous Bolivian women working on landscaping along the roadside.

Josh and his buddies dance traditional Bolivian dances on the last day of school.  December, 2007.

Celia's class on the last day of the school year. December, 2007.

Celia dances another traditional dance on the last day of the school year. December, 2007.

"Simba".  The latest addition to the family.

The Andean Region of Maryknoll Lay Missioners meeting in Puno, Peru in December, 2007.

Becky's birthday celebrated in Puno, Peru- December, 2007.

The Sherman's taking a boat trip to the floating reed  islands in Lake Titicaca off the shores of Puno, Peru.

Celia celebrates her 5th birthday in the traditional Bolivian spirit.

Joe visits one-room school in the mountains for well child checks.

Joe doing well child checks.

Joe doing health checks with a neighborhood health guardian group.

Joe meeting with a community group for a health talk.

Becky playing on the neighborhood soccer team in Chilimarca.

Joe washing clothes in the back of our house in Chilimarca.

Josh marching in a parade for Bolivian Independance Day. Aug, 2007.

Celia and Josh singing with classmates at a rally and march against child sexual abuse. Aug, 2007.

Celia dressed as an Aymara indigenous woman on Bolivian Independance Day.

Joe and Celia relaxing in our back yard. Aug, 2007

Joe dancing the Saya Afroboliviana at the school fundraiser.

Becky dancing the Kullaguada at the school fundraiser.

Joe dancing the Kullaguada at the school fundraiser.

Josh dancing the Tinku at school on Dia del Padre.

Josh and his friends waiting to dance the Tinku at Dia del Padre.

Josh playing marbles in the dirt with his friends at school.

Aunt Lynn and Joe during her visit, April 2007.

Becky with 2 of our neighbors, April 2007.

Good Friday liturgy in our chapel in Chilimarca, 2007.

Josh with Grammie visiting for Easter, 2007

Celia in the lunchroom at school, April 2007.

Josh and classmates outside of his classroom, April 2007.

Mobile clinic site in Pucun Pucun at the "skirt of the mountain".

Joe examining a child at mobile clinic site in Pucun Pucun.

Teo giving a shot at mobile clinic site in Pucun Pucun.

Bunny hutch work crew, February, 2007.

Joe performing school physicals in the clinic.

Health promoters' graduation.  February, 2007

Josh loses his first tooth.  February, 2007.

Josh and Celia on their first day of school in Chilimarca. January, 2007.

New house in Chilimarca.

Josh on path to school in Chilimarca.


Front of MAP center in Chilimarca.

MAP clinic exam room where Joe works.

The road in front of the MAP center in Chilimarca.

Life of many Bolivian women: Recycling from the streets to make money.

Joe and Celia celebrating Bolivian independence day.

Celia riding a horse on beach at Copacabana.


Becky and Joe visiting Tim and Maggie in Amachuma with Mt Ilimani in the background.



Family photo at the top of Machu Picchu


Statue of "Christo" high above the city of Cochabamba..


MLM Class of 2005 at Committment ceremony