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I was born on April 19, 2000 only 6 weeks after my parents returned to the US from living in Uganda.  My Ugandan name is Tendo ("Precious one") given to me by my parents co-workers and friends while my mom was pregnant.  I was born with the travel bug in my blood and I am excited about our new adventure.  I learned a lot about countries in South America from my school in Seattle called Magic Lantern Montessori and have taught my parents a lot about South America.  I really enjoyed my time in New York for orientation.  I went to Kindergarten on a school bus for the first time in my life and learned how to start reading and writing.  I also made lots of friends at Bethany where we lived.  It was sad to leave many of my friends and family when we left the U.S., but, I know I’ve already made new friends since we moved to Cochabamba. 

Now, we live just outside of Cochabamba in Chilimarca.  My sister Celia and I are the first gringos to attend our school (Cumunidad Educativa para la Vida).  At first, everyone was looking at us like we were from another planet.  Now, we have lots of friends and eveyone knows us well.  My school is just behind my house so I can walk there every day.

  I love to play soccer with my Bolivian friends and am getting better at it every day.  My dad might have to change his dream of me playing baseball for the Mariners and start thinking about the World Cup instead.

 Please write to me when you can because I LOVE getting mail.